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To Phung Hiep, visitors will see thousands of small boats full of agricultural products from Western corners to form 1km long floating market. It's said to be a fruit-market of the Southern part and the market is cultural identity of the Mekong Delta.

Ho Prakeo - Emerald Buddha Hall

Next to the presidential palace, in the grounds of what was once the royal palace, stands the Ho Prakeo, or "Hall of the Emerald Buddha." This building was once the private chapel of the King of Laos,...

Tat Luang

About a mile north of Vientiane's city center is the most important shrine in Laos, the Pha Tat Luang, a symbol of both the Buddhist faith and Lao nation-hood.

Buddha Park

East of town, past the Friendship Bridge, is perhaps Vientiane\'s quirkiest sights, the Buddha Park. The name is fitting. Scattered around a large grassy yard on the banks of the river are dozens of...

Boun Bang Fai (Rocket Festival)

 Traditionally, the rocket festival is the sixth Lunar month ceremony that Lao people have conducted  for many generation(s). It is the important symbol of unity and friendship used to fight...

That Luang Festival

Symbol of the Lao nation and the pride of the Lao people, the That Luang stupa has stood in its present form since the middle of the sixteenth century. Containing relies of the lord Buddha and the...

Laos cuisine

Lao cuisine is the cuisine of the Lao ethnic group of Laos and Northeast Thailand (Isan). Lao food is distinct from other Southeast Asian cuisines.