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Very few of the airlines in Vietnam offer electronic ticket. If an electronic ticket is available, we will issue an electronic ticket instead of a paper ticket, unless a paper ticket is specifically requested by the customer. Electronic tickets will be emailed or faxed to the customer.
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Yes, you can make a reservation for someone else. Simply fill in the name of the guest for the booking and your contact details. You can also pay by cash, paypal or bank transfer for someone else. However, you cannot make a payment for someone else using credit card. The name on the credit card must match the name of the guest.
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When you make an airline booking, we can hold the booking for a limited period of time, which depends on the availability of the flight and the airline. If we have not received confirmation from you after two emails or faxes, we will automatically cancel the booking.

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The human history of Laos stretches back more than 10,000 years as stone tools and skulls unearthed in Huaphan and Luang Prabang provinces can confirm. The famous giant jars in Xieng Khouang province and stone columns in Huaphan province date from the neolithic period. Over centuries, rural settlements grew slowly to from muang (townships) along the Mekong River.
Landlocked Laos shares borders with China, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It covers 235,000 sq km, an area slightly larger than Great Britain. All. of Laos lies within the tropics, between latitudes 14°N and 23°N and longitudes 1000E and 10goE. Rivers and mountains dominate the topography, and their interaction accounts for most of the country's geographic variation.
In spite of the fact that phli (spirit) worship has been officially banned, it remains the dominant non-Buddhist belief system in the country. Even in Vientiane. Lao citizens openly perform the ceremony called SII khwan or baasli (baci in the common French transliteration) in which the 32 guardian spirits known as khwan are bound to the guest of honor by white strings tied around the wrists. Each khwan is thought to be guardians over different organs - mental and physical - in a person's body.
Since 2 December 1975, Laos has been titled the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Sathalanalat Pasathipatai Pasason Lao). Informally, it is acceptable to call the country Laos, or in the Lao language, Pathet Lao (pather means land or country, from the Sanskrit pradeshay. 'Among English- speakers there is a growing tendency to drop the extra's' added by the French and simply use 'Lao' as the country's shortened unofficial name. After 1975, the former pro-Western, monarchical regime was replaced by a government that espoused a Marxist-Leninist political philosophy (see History for more details). The national motto is Peace, Independence, Democracy, Unity & Prosperity (the latter being substituted for 'Socialism'in 1991).
Laos was once described as less a nation state than a conglomeration of tribes and languages ... less a unified society than a multiplicity of feudal societies'. This is still borne out by the country's ethnic mix: Lao traditionally divide themselves into four categories - Lao Loum, Lao Thai, Lao Theung and Lao Sung - roughly classified according to the altitude at which they live, and, by implication (not always accurate), their cultural proclivities.
The official language of the LPDR is Lao as spoken and written in Vientiane. As an official language, it has successfully become the lingua franca between all Lao and non-Lao ethnic groups in Laos. Of course, native Lao is spoken with differing tonal accents and with slightly differing vocabularies as you move from one part of the country to the next, especially in a north to south direction. But it is the Vientiane dialect that is most widely understood.
Telephone service in Laos, both domestic and international, is on-again, off-again at best. In the towns and cities of the Mekong valley, service has improved substantially in the last couple of years and International Direct Dialling (IDD) finally became available for businesses and private residences in Vientiane in 1993. With the arrival of satellite telecommunications via IntelSat and AsiaSat, you can now dial 155 countries from Vientiane.
Laos, like Thailand, is seven hours ahead of GMT/UTC. Thus, noon in Vientiane is 10pm the previous day in San Francisco, lam in New York, 5am in London, 1pm in Perth and 3pm in Sydney.
The following telephone numbers should work in most areas of the country where there is telephone service:
Fire : 190
Police : 191
Ambulance : 195