Boun Bang Fai (Rocket Festival)

 Traditionally, the rocket festival is the sixth Lunar month ceremony that Lao people have conducted  for many generation(s). It is the important symbol of unity and friendship used to fight against dry weather and to request rain.
A ceremony praying for rain is performed at the temple in the morning. In the afternoon, people gather in fields on the outskirts of villages and towns to launch the rockets with much abandoned revelry. Villages, communities and departments compete for the "best decorated" and the "highest traveling" rocket. Beginning around the middle of May, the festivals are staggered from place to place enable more participation and attendance. This is the time when an offering to the spirits can be made in a corner of one's garden, early each morning.

The Rocket festival is the only annual chance the farmers have to request rain from the   god called  Phaya Thaen. Because of the strong belief held since ancient times, when the land was dry and farmers did not have enough water for rice production. So the rocket festival were instituted..

It is the one means for human beings to communicate symbolically with the god to request rain.