Entertaiment in Luang Prabang

Travellers arriving by boat will see verdant riverbanks and the glistening roofs of temples and disembarking at the former Royal Palace is the beginning of a trip packed with unique and charming encounters. Those who have already ventured to this part of the country will testify to the difficulty experienced when it's time to leave. It's easier than you would expect to sink into the slow and serene pace of Laos living.
Lemon Grass
Near to the Sala Prabang is Lemongrass; a quaint, white picket fenced wine bar overlooking the Mekong. Owned by two Belgians, the bar has its own piece of riverbank with a shop over the road selling fine wines and home décor.

The Hive and Lao Lao Beer Garden
Playing drum n' bass and hip-hop tunes, this beer garden is popular with the younger crowd of Luang Prabang’s visitors. Although, it does not stay open until the early hours it is definitely one of the towns livelier bars, and a good place to head to if you want to party.

Vietnam Bar
The only after-hours speakeasy in town, with good music, cheap beer and a lively crowd.

Open until 03:00, after 22:00 it gets crowded with tourists who are more interested in quenching their thirst than the actual bowling. This place is well worth a visit if you want to have a break from all the usual tourist stuff. The price of a game is 15,000 kip per person until midnight when it goes up to 20,000.