Shopping in Luang Prabang

Much like Vientiane, Luang Prabang trades in handicrafts, art, textiles and jewelry. Be sure to explore the night markets such as Thalat Sonpao or Thalat Dalat, where the Northern ethnic hill-tribe people sell handicrafts and creative textiles such as hand-sewn bedding, bags and many other distinctive souvenirs.
The Night Market
The Night Market is a nightly event that takes place between 17:00 and 23:00 near Wat Mai along Phothisarat Road at the town center. The street is closed off to vehicles and the hill-tribe traders emerge with their various apparels, ceramics, bamboo, lamps, blankets, handicrafts and silk scarves.

Kopnoi produce handmade fabrics from natural materials. Meaning 'little frog', it took the eco-conscious company over four years to develop the eco-dyed cotton apparel and put it on the market. The range includes clothes, jewelry, silk, accessories, spices and delicacies. Situated in Ban Aphay on the back side of Mount Phousi by the Nam Kham River, Kopnoi follow an ethical and tangible ethos, respecting the principles of fair trade.

CAMA Crafts
CAMA Crafts is a non-profit, self-help project that markets handicrafts made by Lao artisans, providing a sustainable method of income for village women that may otherwise be unavailable.
The products are handmade using traditional patterns and techniques, which helps preserve the traditional needlework skills of Hmong and Lao women such as applique, cross stitch, embroidery and batik.

Lisa Regale
Lisa Regale Fusion Gallery sells silk garments that are an original fusion of Lao traditional patterns and European styles. The shop opened in 2003 and was inspired by the beauty and potential of the silk Laos has to offer. Across from Wat Khily near Wat Xiengthong

Ban Lao Natural products
Situated on the Mekong River front, Ban Lao Natural Products, produce hand-made silks, handicrafts, clothing, and naturally made soaps and beauty products, like many of the local traders Ban Lao promise fair trade with its local producers to help increase sustainable development.