Vatphou Champasack

The Vat Phou temple complex is one of Southeast Asia's best examples of both early and classic Khmer architecture dating from the 7th to 12th centuries. This UNESCO World Heritage Site includes the ancient city of Shestrapura and many little known but interesting archeological sites along the banks of the Mekong River .
There are also many fine examples of traditional Lao homes and buildings from the colonial period. If you are in Champasack during February, don't miss the Vat Phou Festival.
Mekong Island & Irrrawawddy Dolphins

South of Khong Island (the largest in Laos ) are the four Thousand Islands, or Si Phan Don in Lao. This area of extraordinaryLaos - travel-Tour-Vacation beauty is known for its fine food-especially fish dishes-distinct temple architecture and warm hospitality. On Don Det and Don Khon, remnants of an early 20th century railway and steamship port can be visited. At the Lao-Cambodia border local boats can be hired to observe the endangered freshwater dolphins that inhabit this section of the Mekong.