Laos Transportation

Getting there from outside of Mekong countries
To travel in Laos is much easier than many people might imagine. Most people coming to Laos travel via Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi International Airport) where linked to Laos both by land and air. Thai International Airways (THAI) and Lao Airlines operate daily flight between Bangkok - Vientiane Wattay International Airport (VTE) and Bangkok Airways operates daily flights between Bangkok – Luang Prabang International Airport. (find the details of the airlines stated above. However, please carefully check your passport if it needs a visa before arriving to Laos.
Ticket tip: third countries airlines such as Emirates, Gulf Air, Singapore's and Garuda offer cheaper air fares of longer flights than, for example, the direct flights of THAI or British Airways.

Connections between Mekong countries
Laos has long borders connected with Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia
and Myanmar. To travel to the neighbors is easier nowdays since there are several airlines provided among the region. From Vientiane, you possibly fly daily to/from Hanoi and Phnom Penh and five times a week to/from Ho-Chi-Minh city (Saigon) with Laos Airlines and Vietnam Airlines, three times a week between Siem Reap – Chiang Mai, twice a week between Kunming – Jinghong. From Luang Prabang,direct flights fly daily to/from Bangkok by Bangkok Airways, 3 times a week by THAI to/from Chiang Mai (Thailand)as well as Laos Airlines to /Jinghong (China. From Pakse, Laos Airlines operates direct flights twice a week to Siem Reapand Phnom Penh. However, these flights are subjected to be changed.

With many border crossings between Thailand and Laos, people also visit Laos by land through Thailand’s borders in Nong Khai - Paksan border and Chiang Khong in Chiang Rai - Huay Xai, Mukdahan – Savannakhet, Chong Mek – Vang Tao. From Vietnam, Lao Bao, in Khung Tri - Dan Savan in Savannakhet and other points (Laos's Map providing the border crossings. From China, Mengla, Yunnan to Boten in Luang Nam Tha.

Vientiane Wattay International Airport (VTE)
Location: Located two miles (3km) north from Vientiane.
Address: P.O. Box 119 Vientiane, Lao PDR
Telephone: + 856(0)2020, + 856(0)2467
Luang Prabang International Airport
Location: Located 4km (2.5mi) from the city centre
Telephone: + 856 (0)212173